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LADYLUX Double Sided Tape Tabs (120 Tabs)

LADYLUX Double Sided Tape Tabs (120 Tabs)

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LADYLUX Double Sided Tape Tabs (120 Tabs)

Our tape tabs are perfect for refitting of Tape Hair Extensions. They offer the perfect blend of strength and minimal residue. 

The tabs are pre-cut and ready to attach to Tape Hair Extensions (we recommend using LADYLUX Seamless Tape Hair Extensions)

They tape tabs keep hair extensions in place for unto 6-8 weeks whilst making the removal process fast and clean. 


  • Double sided 
  • 120 individual tabs in 1 pack
  • Please ensure tape tabs have been kept at the optimum temperature of 18 ° C - 22 °C for at least 24 hours, as this can contribute to the performance of the application. 
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